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Day 3 – Welcome back kidlets

Today the students came to school. Year 7, 11 and 12 started first and tomorrow the rest start up. It’s 28 degrees Celcius and incredibly muggy. ┬áIf it was a nice sunny day, I wouldn’t whinge but again today it is overcast and gross! After a morning of orientation and helping the year 7s settle … Continue reading

Day 2 – more meetings

The type of morning you wake up to, and want to call in sick, and stay in bed. Waking up to the wind whistling through the small gap in my window and being deprived of sunshine, I must admit I was tempted!! Before bed last night I did a quick check of the forecast – … Continue reading

Hit the ground running

Imagine a grey, cold and rainy day (excellent way to set the tone for 2012 I might add). Now imagine you are in an office or staffroom, anywhere in the world. Are you following? Ok in the image you have in your mind, i guarantee you that 85% of your colleagues have donned shades of … Continue reading

Oneday project

I always admired with dreamy eyes, the collection of dresses housed in my friend Amy’s wardrobe. She is an executive assistant to a few high powered so and sos and needs to dress appropriately. Did that explain the 600 dresses that she moved into the wardrobe she now shared with her fiance? When I first … Continue reading

Oneday style

In Italian, fare la bella figura, refers to a person’s approach to everyday. It encompasses all aspects of life from what you wear, to the ‘self’ that you present to the world, the choices you make, etiquette, and what you wear. For me, clothes have always been about expression. I dress the way I feel. … Continue reading

Oneday History

Moving from Sydney to a small country town 5 hours away imposes some limitations. 1. No beach – wait, sorry, there IS Sandy Beach (neither “sandy” nor a “beach”) 2. Extreme heat and cold 3. Severe lack of culture 4. No decent shopping. Let us focus on number 4. Living in the city you take … Continue reading

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