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Moving from Sydney to a small country town 5 hours away imposes some limitations.
1. No beach – wait, sorry, there IS Sandy Beach (neither “sandy” nor a “beach”)
2. Extreme heat and cold
3. Severe lack of culture
4. No decent shopping.

Let us focus on number 4. Living in the city you take the plethora of shopping centres, stores (including popups), boutiques, markets and SALES for granted, and it’s not until you remove yourself from these surrounds that you realise how lucky you were. Out here I’ve got nada. Over the past two years, Internet shopping has become my lifeline – relying on a few select sites (i will address these later) I have been able to religiously keep my wardrobe up to date.

“Hello. My name is Kate, and I’m a shopaholic”

My boyfriend, let’s call him ‘A’, flies into a rage every month (usually around the time my credit card statement comes in) and threatens to cut up my credit card (luckily I only have one…). The crocodile tears often cut this “conversation”, I prefer the term accusation, short and I inevitably promise not to spend any money on clothes or shoes or scarves or bags or jewellery for the next month…

K xx



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