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Hit the ground running

Add a splash of colour to brighten up dreary "non-colours"

Imagine a grey, cold and rainy day (excellent way to set the tone for 2012 I might add). Now imagine you are in an office or staffroom, anywhere in the world. Are you following? Ok in the image you have in your mind, i guarantee you that 85% of your colleagues have donned shades of grey, black and navy.

Why channel the crappy weather? I find that doing that only internalises negativity and who needs that!

That is why for my first day back at school today I chose an oversized white shirt, black above the knee leggings and my favourite Mollini orange sandals, with a pair of orange earrings that were a gift from a girl I no longer speak to!

Splash of colour to brighten the day!

(It didn’t help the negativity – my poor car died)

K xx



One thought on “Hit the ground running

  1. I am so jealous that you get to wear such cute outfits to your work! Do you know what I wear M-W? Black pants and a navy blue shirt with tennis shoes. That is the actual uniform. I can’t be seen in black and navy blue anywhere but the confines of these walls!

    Posted by Kerry | January 31, 2012, 5:02 am

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