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Day 7 – Drawing a line

Today’s onedaydress look: Mink Pink cream singlet from MarketHQ, cream belt with bronze flower clasp from Forever New, navy FCUK skirt with cream flowers and gold sandals from Dotti.

After a fabulous weekend, it was lovely to see the sun at the start of the week! But I feel like a Brit, talking about the weather all the time. Today’s topic is being sexy. On the weekend, I took a lap dance class in time for Valentine’s day. The stance of the studio, its instructors and the girls who take classes there is that you are as sexy as you feel. Sexiness is not something that can be taught – it is an attitude, an outlook, a shakin’ of the butt, a pout or a wink.

On that note, is one woman’s sexy is another woman’s whore of Babylon? In the workplace, especially around adolescents, how short is your skirt? When does sexy become raunchy??

For my second teaching prac, I was placed at an Intensive English Centre in Western Sydney. Our classrooms and staffroom were on the same campus as the high school but in a corner out of the way. The principal of the IEC was a stern, Spanish man in his late 50s who was incredibly supportive of his staff. One cold June morning, I was called to see the high school principal after the full school assembly. My long orange long sleeved, shallow v-neck jumper which I was wearing over jeans had caught her eye. I was wearing a colour that provoked sexual thoughts among young boys she enlightened me in the most condescending of tones. WHO KNEW??

I was always very self-conscious about my body, I haven’t always looked like this and like any girl, there are parts of my body that I hate. Part of being sexy is loving your body how it is. I love my face, luckily I was blessed with a pretty face. I love my shoulders and back. And I LOVE my calves! When I dress, it’s not for anybody else except myself and sometimes A! Sexy to me doesn’t involve short shorts and tiny skirts, it doesn’t mean clingy materials that show every lump and bump. For work I dress modestly. I only have one pair of shorts that have ever been commented on for being too short. I never wore them to work again.

So…I want to pose these questions to you: Where do you stand on sexing up work clothes? What does sexy mean to you? Do you have any funny stories about colleagues’ “too raunchy for the office” wear? Leave your comments below. Can’t wait to read them.

K xx



3 thoughts on “Day 7 – Drawing a line

  1. I LOVE this! Where’s the bag from? I’m a bag whore 🙂

    Posted by Kerry | February 7, 2012, 6:04 am
  2. It’s a fine line between sexy and skank. I do believe, however, that you need to feel comfortable. Without making others uncomfortable. And maybe age appropriate might be nicer.

    Posted by I kno yu | February 7, 2012, 1:43 pm

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