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Day 9 – Iron Free, perfect for me

Today’s onedaydress look: Stellino Terracotta and navy bird dress, tan belt, Glamour Puss Tan Morilo shoes and Chinese pearl earrings and necklace.  

In 2010, I went to Italy and France for 2 months over June and July. For you foreigners, that means winter in Australia. Now while I was gallivanting through my favourite country with some of my favourite girls – Noogz, Susanna, Gabbi and Laurie – my boy A and the bro love of his life, Locky were left to their own devices back home. All I know is when I got back to town two months later, there was no more iron at home! Apparently, they had entertained themselves one night by ironing together lengths of material, connecting it to a basket full of candles and sending a hot air balloon into the night sky! *shakes head* Oh boy!  The iron is still M.I.A

On the topic of Italy, I went for a school exchange in 2001 and a uni exchange in 2006. Both times I stayed with families and both times I had “huh??” moments when it came to ironing. In Roma 2001, the lovely Francesca, mother of my host sisters offered to wash a load of my washing. When it was returned to me, dried and folded I found that my UNDERWEAR had been ironed out, every crease smoothed to a T!!! It gets more bizarre. In 2006, I stayed with a husband and wife, in their 50s, in Ferrara. Beside their bedroom was a small room containing a 2mtr long wardrobe. The only furnishing in the room was an ironing board. It was her private, calm space free from her husband and world of work. I didn’t know anybody loved ironing to that extent!

Personally, I have always had an innate fear of irons. The heat of the appliance, never being skilled enough to smooth out all the creases, the high chance of getting distracted and burning a hole through my (shirt, skirt, pants) and finally, I never had success folding down the ironing board! My amazing Mother always did the ironing for us at home, but I don’t hold her responsible for my inability, I’m so grateful for her consistent efforts in cleaning, ironing and folding my clothes. The only problem is, as an adult I avoid buying any items that require regular ironing. And it works, I haven’t had to do any (or just haven’t done any) for 2 years now!!

K xx



3 thoughts on “Day 9 – Iron Free, perfect for me

  1. ahahahaha Francesca my mummy wants to iron everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s the same for me, girla!! Iron free is perfect for me… if you lay out clothes right, you don’t need to iron them out!
    (dopo correggimi le frasi!! 😀 ) ❤

    Posted by Micaela | February 8, 2012, 9:12 pm
  2. Really?? wow!!! Mi manchi, girla! ❤

    Posted by Micaela | February 9, 2012, 8:29 pm

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