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Day 11 – grumble Zara grumble grumble

Today’s onedaydress look: Bardot black floral dress, violet Zara belt, and Witchery sandals. “Snapshot” Sunnies from www.princesspolly.com.au and gold bangle from Lotus Pod, glebe pt rd Sydney. Perfect for school, then after school fun 🙂

Preamble: For the record, let me state that I LOVE Zara. In fact, while travelling through Israel, Italy, France and on other Euradventures I liked nothing more than to peruse the periphery of the store for shoes and bags, then as I move towards the changeroom I pick up everything in my size. I have an especially blind spot when it comes to their TRF range. I even have a pair of their jeans! The other perk of Zara is the chance to perve on the sexy sexy security guards – its like mummy Zara breeds these men to grow up, look good, fill up with muscles and protect the store. ooh ahhhhh

Moving on: I was one of the most excited people to see Zara finally come to Australia last year. I booked a trip to Sydney on the opening weekend, snuck through the downstairs door so i didn’t have to wait in line FOR HOURS like all the silly people who waited at the Pitt street entrance. With all the people in store, it took me 2 hours to peruse the periphery, realise that there was no way in hell I was waiting over an hour for the changeroom, opting instead for “open change space in front of mirror”. THEN i waited in line for over an hour at the checkout, to be overcharged twice on 3 of my 5 purchases.

Overall i have been thoroughly disappointed with Zara Australia. The website has not yet been updated to include the continent of Australia (for orders or Lookbook), and it seems that they are sending the bare minimum of stock. I recall a TRF table of jeans in Milan. “Overflowing” would not do this table justice. It was piled higher than I could see, pants legs hanging down to the floor, in the Sydney store, you can often see more rack or table than stock. We are a season behind the rest of the world so we get the leftovers, the hand-me-downs like the youngest child in a large family.

Dear mummy Zara,
Please stop neglecting my fashion needs
Love, the newest addition to your family, Australia

Until Monday,

K xx



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