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Day 13 – Love and lusty wandering eyes

Todays onedaydress look: PaperHeart La Bomba dress, Diesel optical glasses, Witchery gold sandals, bangles – Gold (Lotus pod, glebe) Brown/wooden (Tanzania, Africa), earrings from Promod, Italy.

“Men think about sex once every 12 seconds. I say why waste 11 seconds?” This is my father’s favourite quote, which he claims to be scientific fact… :s

I remember being horrified one morning, while driving to school, as I watched my father’s head turn to stare after a blonde woman walking in the opposite direction. I must have been young at the time – 12 or 13 years old. When I asked him why he had looked at her, he responded with “it’s fine as long as you look but don’t touch” (similar to the approach my parents took in expensive stores – look with your eyes not your hands!!) If film imitates life then we saw in Hall Pass that men have perfected the lusty look. What you do is look in front of where the girl is walking, so neither the girl you are staring after nor the wifey suspect a thing.

So today’s question, on this most romanticised of days is Are you OK with your man looking at other women?
Last night I was listening to the radio. They were talking about the bright/neon bras that girls are wearing under singlet tops and sheer tees/shirts. A young guy called in and his attitude got me thinking. He said that even though he looks at other girls (may they be single or spoken for) he wouldn’t be OK with his girlfriend dressing like that and attracting the eye of other males. Then the clincher “she is his”…EXCUSE ME WHAT? It’s getting me all riled up again. Since when are we the property of the men we are dating? But really, if you are a woman in the modern world, and you dress in a certain way then expect to be looked at/gawked at/ogled/stared at. That’s just how it goes.
Genetically, I think I have inherited my father’s look but don’t touch approach. I can appreciate attractive men as well as attractive women. I could stare at some for hours…but I have no intention of acting on that. It is simply an appreciation of beauty. While I am not 100% content about it, I have come to terms with the fact that men have wandering eyes, sometimes they will talk to your breasts instead of your face. If it gets offensive, I click my fingers to regain attention, like you would with a dog.

For ages I thought there was something wrong with A. He doesn’t give other girls a second glance, and we have seen some hotties, when even I have done a double take. Unless he has some secret ninja spying technique that I haven’t cracked. I have intentionally watched him in public spaces and…nada! I have always assumed perving to be something that ALL men do…Perhaps I found me a man who literally only has eyes for me?

K xx

P.S. If you are a celebrator, then Happy Valentines day to you



3 thoughts on “Day 13 – Love and lusty wandering eyes

  1. ps Happy V Day to you to xoxox

    Posted by GL | February 14, 2012, 6:04 pm
  2. ur mum ur blog is fukn increds!!! love it!! and you are beyond beautiful xxx gen

    Posted by genrosen | February 27, 2012, 5:47 pm

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