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Day 16 – The amazing race

Today’s onedaydress look: Mink Pink khaki harem pants,  purple Glassons lace back tank, Steve Madden tan flats and purple/gold ring from Melbourne

Look, I personally loved this show. The Amazing Race was one of the first (and longest lasting) reality TV shows next to Survivor, and what’s not entertaining about watching Americans, with varying degrees of intellect, chasing flags and pushing their limits while travelling.

The Amazing Race is a competition, with teams of 2. In order to tell the couples or pairs apart, it they wear gimmicky/matching outfits. In this context, matching couples are acceptable.
Matching couples are unacceptable:

  • on summer holiday
  • on winter holiday
  • on christmas
  • on new year
  • hiking (no it is not cool to camouflage and match!)
  • in family photos
  • on aeroplanes
  • on the street
  • in a house of prayer
  • in a restaurant
  • on the beach…….please no matching bikini/budgee smugglers
  • skiing
  • golfing
  • at any sporting event (except maybe doubles tennis?)

Matching couples are a pet hate of mine. I’m not talking about a couple who goes to a ball and his tie is the same colour as her dress, or a cute matching outfit for Halloween like his fred to her ginger etc, or dressing up for a festival or party say as a Dirty Doctor and Naughty Nurse.
The couples that I am referring to are much worse. I’m sure we have all been on holidays and seen a man and woman (or woman and woman or man and man) walking together wearing jeans and a black t-shirt and sneakers and the same hat, or khaki shorts and a white top. Matching couples INTENTIONALLY match, quite often they are tourists. They might as well hold up a coloured umbrella so they can find each other in a crowd.

It’s couples like these that make me thankful for A. While I regularly tease him for his minimalistic wardrobe (an Australian Navy, navy coloured shirt and the khaki shirt – now  infamously an “A…..” shirt) at least I can guarantee that we will never match! It made me laugh the first time we saw a matching couple, while holidaying in New Zealand and we turned simultaneously to each other to declare our undying hatred for matching couples.

And consider this fair warning: If you are matched, I will throw tomatoes at you – at least verbal ones
Enjoy your weekend, I’ve been looking forward to mine since Monday

K xx



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