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Day 17 – I’m swimming in the rain

Have you noticed that parties requiring costumes are becoming more prolific? When I was at school, we had heaps of house parties, but never dress ups…at least not like young people today! And on that can I just gripe – since when is Halloween a thing? I never remember trick or treaters or even the thought of getting dressed up and going knocking on strangers doors to ask for candy…………….??? To my Aussie readers, do you celebrate Halloween or has American culture recently penetrated the island’s shores? Let me know

Now I want to share this pic from the weekend with you, just to show what can be achieved with a bit of creativity – I went to a 1920s themed hen’s night, however due to a miscommunication I only received the invite on Thursday night. I had no time to arrange a costume so I had to work with what I had already. I ended up in a SASS lilac dress (bought 4 years ago, never worn), lace gloves from Forever New, fishnets (I think I’m going to embrace patterned stockings this cold season!!) a pearl necklace and a pink bow/beaded necklace from Japan and feather headpiece from a costume store in Surfers Paradise. I had so much fun dressing up and all the girls went to a fantastic effort. There were guests wearing gangster gear to flapper frocks…It was amazing!  Anyway, the reason I am showing you this photo gem first is because I went to so little effort today that I didn’t want to disappoint anyone.

Today was the swimming carnival, and on the topic of costumes, that is one of my favourite parts of the day! You see junior students have to arrive at and depart from the pool wearing their school uniform, but during the day they can have costume changes. They are getting skankier every year, with hemlines that cover less of their butt cheeks…it’s kind of worrying that they even own those clothes!
It has become “customary” for the year 11s to wear those morph suits, so we had a full rainbow of them, then the year 12s have a free for all (involving a lot of cross-dressing by the boys). It is their last year of school. So they have their 4 colour houses – red, green, blue and yellow and they dress up accordingly – we had lobsters, cheerleaders, firemen and mermaids for red, green had disney princesses, a harem, footy players and camo army guys, yellow had giant babies, one of my italian boys dressed up as a race track hussy, more princesses and blue had ballerinas, garbage collectors and me.

Today’s onedaydress look (which again, was a no effort look and below par): Old Navy blue shorts from the Ala Moana centre, Honolulu, black cotton on tank – seriously one of my most used items – i have 5 of them!!! and Havaianas purchased for WAY TOO MANY EUROS after hours of searching in Rome (big hugs to Danilo and Ale for helping and driving me around!!)

Have a great week

K xx



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