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Day 20 – Well counsel me and call me sane

Today’s onedaydress NAUTICAL look: Stellino petal collared sleeveless shirt, white Bardot shorts, Bracelet by AnticaMurrina from Lucca, Italy, and gold Witchery flats.

When you start high school, you become a “little fish” again. This fish metaphor is not only related to your size but makes reference to the fact that you see the school world through a glass bowl and everything is new, wonderful and ready to be explored. There are new faces and names to be learnt and you quickly learn which teachers to avoid.

One such quirky bird at my school was the school counsellor, Miss Kent. I was lucky enough never to get called into her office. What she wore could only be described as “outfits” and her style, a term I use extremely loosely, is relatively impossible to define. To be honest, it looked like she had raided the clothes rack of a circus. Her favourite combination paired cornflower blue cotton culottes with white frilly ankle socks (who knew these came in adult sizes?!?!)

I recall one of her outfits combined hot pink stockings, knee-length black and white polka-dot shorts a white t-shirt and a green blazer. While we thought she was an oddball I give her credit for being ahead of her time with colour blocking!!

Eventually she moved on and was replaced by a larger than life, Dita von Teese look-a-like, much less attractive, much more masculine though. She wore everything in black: her clothes, her hair, her stockings, her glasses and her shoes. Accessories were red, except when they too were black.

Boy, I hope they were good at their jobs.

K xx



One thought on “Day 20 – Well counsel me and call me sane

  1. Lol @ adult size socks.
    I did not know this either?!
    Perhaps she has small feet?

    Posted by Tam | February 24, 2012, 7:32 am

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