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Day 21 – Party time

Day 21

Today’s onedaydress look: H&M blue singlet, Pull and Bear Red floral singlet, Mink Pink khaki maxi skirt, Bizaar wedges, Blue earrings from Bruges, Belgium (photo to come)

Cyclically, items go “in and out of fashion”. This statement is not limited to just clothes (high waisted jeans, muffin top, mod jackets, puffa jackets – which, according to London Fashion Week are making a comeback!!, hippy style headbands and so on)

Party plans are also making a comeback. Has anyone else noticed the increased number of their friends hosting parties? At the end of last year, over the space of a month I was invited to no less than 4 Tupperware parties, 2 Body Shop parties and 1 sex toy party!

Tonight I am jumping on the bandwagon by hosting a Flaschengeist party. If you remember, there used to be a store in Bondi Junction and another in the QVB. They sell really funky shaped bottles and liqueurs, vinegars and cooking oils

It is great that these parties are back in fashion but I hope it’s just a fad…can’t afford…any…more!!

Have a wonderful weekend, I have a feeling mine’s going to be lost in a haze of taste-testing and marking exams…sounds like a good mix to me!

K xx



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