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Day 22 – I bet you think this song is about you, don’t you?

I love myself...just sayin'

Today’s onedaydress look: Stellino black harem pants, Dotti pink/orange striped shirt, Miss Shop (by Myer) pink satin flats.

Today’s funny, overheard supervising students preparing for a Religion speech: “I am starting my speech with a quote from the Jedi llama”

Vanity is a funny concept. It comes with such negative connotations but I personally, have always embraced the fact that I am vain. For those of you who need a definition, dictionary.com provides: Excessive pride in, or admiration of one’s own appearance or achievements.

A memory from another time

I started wearing glasses when I was 7. I wanted to be just like Dad, who had worn glasses for as long as I could remember, so I had my parents buy me a pair of ‘tear-drop’ frames. They covered half of my face. As I entered adolescence, it became apparent that I loved my face much more than my glasses and began dreaming of the day I could replace the ugly frames with contacts.

At 11 years of age my parents conceded and promised that for my bat mitzvah I would be allowed my first ever pair of contacts. So as I finished year 6 and moved to a completely different part of Sydney and started school with a bunch of girls I had never met before, I regained my face! (or so I thought, it was only 3 months before I was to lose my mouth to braces). Around the same time I bought my first lipstick. Revlon.Nude. Can you believe I have only just thrown it out 14 summers later. I loved that lipstick. Wearing it made me feel HOT! That was my introduction to make-up. I must admit now I’m a sucker for MAC and Pupa (a little known Italian brand). I never got into the foundation thing, because I have great skin, and I only recently learned how to apply mascara, blessed with long thick eyelashes and when they do have mascara they scrape the lenses of my glasses anyway.

I have always been confident in myself and have loved myself no matter how I have looked. I believe in myself and that positivity has got me through many tough situations.

Now in 2012 I look back with some regret at my contact abuse. I have done irreparable damage to my eyes, including but not limited to ripping off some of my cornea and rupturing some of the capillaries – whoops! So now I have returned to wearing my glasses. About 5 years ago I ditched the “I’m too vain for glasses” attitude and I selected a pair of black Diesel frames that scream to the world “I’m an intellectual!” I have come to terms with my glasses and I have learned to love them.

When I first met A, I told him “I hate people who put themselves on pedestals, but I am amazing” and it’s still true. I enjoy looking in the mirror because I like who and what I see. If that is vanity then call me vain.

The Urban Dictionary defines vanity as “an indescribably gorgeous woman who loves to laugh, thinks of others before herself and loves fashion. She can light up the darkest rooms with her personality and has the most mesmerizing eyes. That sounds like a description of me if I ever heard one.

K xx



2 thoughts on “Day 22 – I bet you think this song is about you, don’t you?

  1. As a proud glasses wearer for 23 years (nearly 24!) I have only once been tempted to contacts – for my yr 12 formal (only because my glasses didn’t really go with the hideous powder blue feathered monstrosity I wore that night, not one of my most fashionable moments). I’ve always been puzzled by those who suggest to me ‘have you ever tried contacts?’. Why would I do that? Glasses are not that much of an inconvenience and as they are my one staple accessory I usually put more effort into choosing an expensive fashionable one that defines my style than any other clothing,shoes or bags I own. I’ve also never understood the teasing. Four eyes. Ok, I wear glasses, so that I can see. Do I tease people who have prosthetic limbs or walking sticks? Never made sense to me, or even bothered me. So I implore you, embrace the glasses, join the spectacled revolution! 🙂

    Posted by Bec | March 3, 2012, 9:40 am

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