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Day 23: Uniformity…conformity?

Day 23

Today’s onedaydress look: Pimkie light grey skinny jeans, Bluejuice purple floral shirt and cami, BCBG pumps

At some point in our school career we have all participated, formally or informally, in the debate about school uniforms.

As a pre-teen I watched episodes of the Baby Sitters Club dreaming of wearing mufti (casual wear) to school every day. Many offices around the world expect their staff to appear in a suit or other professional gear and provide them with a opportunity to get comfy on ‘casual Friday’.

Back to school, I am definitely pro-uniform. Students who wear uniforms feel like they belong to the school community and have a sense of pride in calling themselves members of the school. It sidelines feelings of inadequacy in wealth or style. All judgement based on clothing is removed.

Back in 2002, when I was in year 11 my school changed the policy on jewellery. From a free-for-all policy, we had to limit ourselves to one set of hoops or stud earrings and our hair colour had to be natural. In this one move our lane on the self-expression highway became impeded by a giant road block.

At my current school we have a uniform policy that is strictly adhered to. “The uniform is an immediate symbol of belonging to the College community. We are proud of our College uniform and therefore it is to be worn with pride by all our students. The College philosophy on uniform and personal presentation is that appropriate modesty and self respect enhance the development of the person.”

The policy dictates acceptable use of:

  • Hairstyles
  • Makeup
  • Nail polish
  • Ribbons
  • Sports shoes
  • Uniform shoes
  • Accessories (earrings, piercings, bracelet, neck chains, rings)
  • Hats

The policy continues with “Students who choose to wear incorrect or incomplete uniform may be withdrawn from lessons, placed on detention or sent home”.

Including the detailed “correct uniform” list, the policy spans THREE pages of the student diary! That is longer than the combined Anti-bullying and Homework policies.

I have well paid my dues on uniform though. I am glad to be an adult who can wear whatever I choose. And also, in case A decides to leave, clothes would love me back right?

K xx



One thought on “Day 23: Uniformity…conformity?

  1. I do wonder what constitutes unacceptable use of hairstyles at your school? 🙂

    Posted by Mel C | February 28, 2012, 8:11 pm

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