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Day 27 – It’s in the bag

Day 27

Today’s onedaydress look: Stellino baggy shirt, Dotti skinny leg jeans, Bizaar tan wedges, Forever New multi-colour fringe scarf

Someone asked me recently why I haven’t featured more bags on the blog. In the words of the Playschool song from my childhood “Bags, bags bags, they’re very useful things. If we didn’t have bags, what would we use to put all of our things in?”

As I have grown, as too has my collection of handbags. Years ago, I was ushered off the streets of New York by a little Chinese woman into a tiny room packed to the brim with Coach, Guess, YSL and Prada. I have  bought bags from new/young designer markets all over the world. A’s sister has one of the coolest bags that I have seen, it is completely recycled – made from a piece of material sewn between 2 old records (the material creates the base of the bag and the handle).
I EL-OH-VEE-EE handbags.

Why then, if I have so many bags do I use the same one for weeks at a time? The answer is probably a familiar one. When I change over from bag to bag, I quite often misplace things – my diary, my wallet, credit cards, other cards and valuables. Have you had the same experience?

I find it is safer for all of my belongings and my sanity to use the same bag for weeks at a time, excluding the use of evening bags on the weekend and special occasions.

I would love to hear what you do? Do you use a different bag every day? Does your bag have to match or contrast what you wear?

K xx



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