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Sick day

Today’s look: hot water bottle and bed rest

As a little girl I never went through the obsessive pink phase most little girls, and their parents, have to endure. Sure I owned my fair share of pink leotards for jazz ballet classes, and a few pink sundresses but that was mum’s doing, not mine!
So at age 15, I began to live the “pink lifestyle”. every day, without fail, I wore a pink item, and if you couldn’t see it, I guarantee that either my bra or underwear were pink that day!

my obsession got to a stage where friends would see something pink and either buy it for me or tell me they had seen something pink that made then think of me (the sneaky brainwash!) One friend even brought me a pair of fuchsia fisherman pants back from overseas!

I have somewhat outgrown that splash of pink across every outfit however, I own a bazillion pairs of Victoria Secret Pink underwear, so I’ll claim them as my daily dose of pink…

Since 2004, I have had a pink phone, then 2 years ago my little nokia died and I went for the sleek black Samsung Galaxy. The first phone accessory I rushed out to buy was a fuchsia case. this leads me to my point. I have a student who displays her self expression through her phone covers. Between herself and her 3 sisters there is a collection of over 500 iPhone cases! You might think that is redonculous, but how many pairs of shoes do you own?

This week she had a sparkly silver case with a rhinestone lions head! If kids are going to have their phones attached to their hands, they may as well make a statement

K xx



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