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Day 33 – Style “Gurus”

Day 33

Today’s onedaydress look: SageSydney (from CBD Westfield) blue/red Chrissy dress with Tony Bianco mushroom heels. Necklace from Bondi markets

While I was in Sydney over the weekend, I picked up a Style Guide from Westfield. Call it research. Reading it over coffee on Friday afternoon, I formed my own opinions of the Autumn 2012 styles – 60s, aviator and the pattern clash. I took the guide to school by chance, it was in my Professional Development folder (I DO work occasionally). At lunch today I whipped it out and shared the pics round with some of my colleagues.

I’m not crazy. Pattern clash is horrible. Everyone agreed. In the image, the model is wearing a burgundy shirt with black polka dots, her skirt is a leopard print, she has a cheetah (?) print clutch (in a different shade yellow/brown to the skirt) and black boots with a white stripe pattern. It’s horrific. The stylist should be released from duty. Now, I have never studied fashion, so forgive me if you think my opinion is naive or uninformed but, I know what I like and I know what looks good – THIS MODEL IS THE OPPOSITE OF GOOD STYLE TIMES INFINITY!!!

Don’t get me wrong. I love patterns. In fact on the weekend I bought a pair of mustard stockings with black polka dots – i would never have worn them with today’s dress though! You saw that I matched spots and stripes on Friday. But I feel that subtlety is key. And the model had been styled with lots of loud patterns WAY too close together. Pattern clash = Style fail in my books.

Have you seen the picture in the Westfield style guide?? What did you think?

K xx



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