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Day 39 – Are you a fashion friend or foe?

Day 39

Today’s onedaydress look: Mink Pink blue polka dot/sweetheart neckline dress, SES Cornflour blue cardi, grey belt and Zara grey flats with black bow

We have all experienced that moment when someone compliments what we have chosen to wear. This is appreciated on days when we feel like rubbish and have grabbed whatever is within reach hoping that it’s not inside out. If we have gone to great effort to look good it is nice to have that acknowledged.

Usually the people who compliment me get a return compliment. My question today is, what if there is nothing nice to say? I had a moment that got me in a bit of trouble today actually. A colleague walked up behind me and told me she loved my dress (smart woman). As I turned around I was already saying “Thanks, I love your (then I saw her, gave her the once over, loved nothing and went with)…eyes”

Mental head slap…what a silly thing to say! I can’t help it, and I won’t lie. If I don’t like something on you when you are in the changeroom, you will know it and I will do everything within my power to dissuade you from buying said item. If you have already made the mistake of purchasing such an item, you will not be receiving any compliments from me.

What about you, would you lie to a friend and let them waste their money?
Are you a fashion friend or foe?

K xx



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