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Day 41 – Let the *denim* rock

Day 41Today’s onedaydress look: Sportsgirl crochet beanie, Victoria’s Secret neptune blue off the shoulder tee dress, Stelllino skinny tan belt, Supré full length black leggings, Steve Madden cognac flats

Happy Friday afternoon,

I’m slightly blown away by the response yesterday regarding how much you guys spend on jeans!!

On Facebook one friend said she had spent $280 on a pair, but that was well trumped by Amy who had spent FIVE HUNDRED dollars on a single pair of jeans! WHAT!!!

Thanks also to Gen and Bella for your comments. I think one reason I am reluctant to spend over (my most expensive pair) $80-100 is that I trash my pants – I scuff the hems, the legs get knicks which turn into holes, my thighs rub together and wear holes through the denim – this happens regardless of how much I pay for them. So I save money for other useful purchases like bangles, scarves and shoes.

Keep the comments coming. I want to know if anyone has paid more than $500 – What is your most expensive pair of jeans?

K xx



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