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Day 43 – Recyclable wallet

Today’s onedaydress look: Mika & Gala ra ra dress, Lipstick burgundy flats and headband from Adelaide young designers’ market

A few years ago I went to Retro for Channy’s 21st birthday. After a few (too many) beverages, I put my (mum’s) handbag down on a couch and ran to the bathroom to make a call. In the bag, I had my wallet, a new lip gloss, camera, cardi and housekeys.

Can you see where this is going? I came back from the bathroom to discover that my bag was no more. I had a look and feel behind the couch (lord only knows what diseases I contracted in doing so)…No handbag. It was a very sobering moment! As freak out mode set in, I spoke to every security person I could find, convinced that my bag had been stolen. Conceding that I had lost this battle, I accepted a lift home with Amy and Dan. I sat in the back crying, and upon arrival at home at 3am, my parents helped me to call the police and various banks to report the theft.

Then I had to endure my dad’s stress out over the fact that I had left my keys in the bag WITH my address bearing ID so if someone had indeed stolen it, they may try to break in. He slept in front of the door until we had the locks changed. Now to avoid this ever happening again, my parents have gone to the extreme by forbidding anyone to take their keys when they go out at night.

Come Monday morning I get an unexpected phone call from Retro saying they had found my bag under someone’s coat tucked well under a couch. I had already learned my lesson. Now I only take out the essentials with me on a big night, and I keep my bag in my hands at all times!!

Over the weekend I was in Sydney with 20 of A’s friends. Anna ran into some strife when she left her jacket at Bungalow 8 on Saturday night. She had also lost the coin purse where she keeps ALL of her cards. The stress of this discovery only amplified her hangover on Sunday morning. She called everyone she could think of – the friend’s who had us over for dinner, her brother, the club and the taxi company. Luckily, by the time she went to the club to pick up the jacket, the cleaners had discovered her card purse otherwise she was looking at a 6 hour drive home with no licence. I hope she learned the valuable lesson that I did years ago!!

On a separate topic, the group is made up of 25-27 year olds. Those who have coupled up have all taken part in conversations about marriage. Bets have been placed on the next couple to get engaged etc. 3 of the couples are already married. 2 of those couples have children. On the weekend Marty and Sara made the announcement that has been 5 years in the making. Sara boasted an impressive princess cut, solitaire set in platinum (E – colour I think…). We are all so excited that they are tying the knot and I want to wish you guys a very public BIG CONGRATS!!! from myself and A

On the topic of Marty, he wanted me to share his AMAZING wallet with you. Marty is big into cycling. In his lycras, there are not many hiding places for a full size man’s wallet. Marty has also learnt the importance of carrying only the essentials. In his zip lock plastic bag, he takes his licence, cyclists NSW club card, credit card and some cash (he said to write “and pineapples because that’s how he rolls…) oh dear, he is so punny! Marty wants to market this “wallet” to other sportspeople and in fact anyone. He really thinks it will take off. Marty, I think you are delusional. Although, I have used a plastic bag in place of a pencil case after mice ate through mine last year in the plague.

K xx



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