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Day 47 – Stereotyped

Today’s onedaydress look: Red berry olive boyfriend pants from Glebe markets, magenta tank, Glassons beige shrug, Zara brown satin wedges, silver bobble necklace from markets in Siracusa, Sicily (purchase followed by proposal of marriage)

(Photo uploader being spesh – check out on Pinterest…http://pinterest.com/pin/50806302016395331/)

Stereotypes are born of truth.

Example 1: All country people wear checked shirts, jeans and akubras. CONFIRMED TRUTH

The look dominates the streets, farmers’ markets, and the pub scene on a Saturday night. Salespeople, mothers, farmers and teachers have all jumped on this bandwagon. I find it amusing when I go back to Sydney and wear any of my striped or checked shirt dresses, my friends always comment on how country I have become in the 2 years I’ve been out here!!

Example 2: All Asians wear glasses UNCONFIRMED

Obviously this is because they read/study so much… I attended a school in Inner Western Sydney where about 60% of my year was Asian, of varying origins. In one of the groups all the girls wore glasses bar one. She must have got sick of being the odd one out because all of a sudden, she showed up wearing lens-free frames, conformity at its best! trés trés cool!

K xx



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