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Day 48 – 1 rule for you, 1 rule for me

Today’s onedaydress look: Dotti orange tank, Supré full-length leggings, Pull and Bear blue cropped leather jacket sunglasses from Princess Polly and Steve Madden cognac flats

Earth hour. For one hour on the last Saturday of March, the entire country is encouraged to turn off their lights in a demonstration of our commitment to protecting the planet.

The whole of Australia participates, except my town apparently. Why you all turned your lights off, opting for romantic candle lit moments with loved ones/friends, my town’s electricity usage spiked!

Another enviro issue that has frustrated me since I moved out here. In December 2009, I drove out for a job interview. I noticed that sprinklers were keeping gardens green in daylight, specifically between 10am – 1pm. I thought this part of the country was in severe drought? Isn’t that why strict water restrictions had been imposed in Sydney? Meanwhile out here they are taking half hour showers, watering their yards and washing their cars without sweating it!

Do the townspeople not suffer as much as the farmers? It made me really angry. I’ve managed to hide these feelings away but it was all dredged up again the morning when I heard that we had bastardised Earth hour!!

K xx



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