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Day 49 – “oozing cool”

Today’s onedaydress look: Betty Boop black mini skirt, Cotton On Black singlet, Mika & Gala shirt, Belt from Globalize, bracelet from Glebe Markets, Steve Madden blue Kinnetic flats
(PHOTO UPLOADER NOT WORKING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! visit  http://pinterest.com/pin/50806302016405226/)

If I was to say  SCIENCE TEACHER, I hope the same image would pop into your head as mine. Crazy Albert Einstein hair, blackened fingers (from playing with the bunsen burner and chemicals) and terrible fashion sense. If I recall correctly my high school science teachers, both males and females, wore a “colourful” array of navy, black and beige pants and oversized shirts.

I went back to visit the school recently.

Science teachers dress sense improves with age

To find out if the age of science teachers impairs or improves their ability to dress well

1. Return to high school 9 years after graduation
2. Analyse dress sense of science department

Hypothesis disproved

Apparently age has no direct relation with the accessibility to style in the science faculty. One theory is that  they are so busy using the other side of their brain that they shut down the creative/”dress-well” side?

At my current school, the science faculty varies in age from mid 20s to 50s. One of the men in the department has THE FUNKIEST sense of style. I have mentioned him once before, but today he wore jeans, a red checkered shirt and black Ray Bans with a yellow stripe on the frame. He oozes suave and he is the biggest gentleman! In fact the whole faculty dresses really well. One of my mates over there, who will cry if he doesn’t get a shout out, laps up any opportunity to wear t-shirts, shorts and thongs (flip-flops for USA readers) but he scrubs up really well most days in a shirt, slacks and an akubra – we are in the country after all!

K xx

A science dad joke: 2 men walk into a bar, one orders H2O, the second says “I’ll have H2O too”. The second man dies.



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