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Day 54 – Back to reality

Today’s onedaydress look: Steve Madden Candence tan boots, Forever New pink tab shirt and Pimkie (Italy) grey jeans.

After a crash-bang (literally) start to the week, we were back into the routine of school today.

As promised here are my stories from yesterday. About a month ago A and I discussed what we would do for our 3 year anniversary. In my town there is a fantastic zoo, which I have been to with visiting friends a number of times, but A hasn’t been since he was in year 2. So hatched a wonderful plan. Picnic lunch, lots of sun, see the animals, be silly, spend an entire day together (which hasn’t happened for a while!!!). It was incredibly lovely to reconnect. After a lazy morning (and a “special sleep-in” til 7 instead of 6:30) we decided to skip the early morning feeding of the animals and have breakfast ourselves. Facing the prospect of a sunny 18 degree Celsius day, I was wearing jeans, sandals and a 3/4 sleeve jumper (which I thought was warm) we headed to the zoo around 9am. Little did A know the AWESOME surprise I had in store for him. You see after our initial discussions a month ago, I got straight on the phone to M, my zookeeper buddy, and asked her to organise something special for us!

Soon after we got there, and checked out the rhinos, meerkats and camels (???) we headed for the giraffes and got to feed them, while trying to avoid getting slobbered on. It was about that point in the morning that the wind started HOWLING through the zoo. We drove home and after a superman-like speed change, I had added an extra 1/4 sleeve and a cape and we headed back to the animals.

We savoured our delicious picnic lunch, with anitipasto, 3 types of cheeses, crackers and uber-sophisticated ginger beer before packing up and heading into the lion’s den, literally. M had organised for us to do a big cat encounter!! Having seen one of these on a TV show in the last couple of years, I was anticipating patting the lions (which had me petrified and shaking in my Maddens). As we approached the fence, I noticed there was no door!! HURRAY!! And I certainly was not sticking my fingers (which resemble the scrawny chicken necks we fed to the lion) through the fence. I like my 10 fingers the way they are!!! We each got to feed the lioness 4 chicken necks. She snarled and growled at me because I smelled like food and I didn’t even flinch. It was a magical day and I’m so grateful to M for her help and that I got to share it with A! Sometimes we are lucky enough to find good ones, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with the amazing one I picked up 3 years ago!!

K xx



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