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Day 56 – Get this woman some hair spray

Today’s onedaydress look: Supre leggings, Scooter tan boots from Wanted shoes (circa 2010), white Glassons 3/4 puff sleeve tee, Victoria’s Secret green cardi, Sportsgirl scarf, new/old? Tan Belt which A found in his work shed on weekend, Antica Murrina white heart bracelet plus swanky new pink Coach glasses bought on weekend.

Isn’t it funny. Since cutting my hair to half of its original length, I now spend double the time styling it in the mornings?

I have never spent much time or effort on my hair, but without doing anything now, it feels really flat. For the first time in my life I have invested in product. I can very very happily recommend L’Oréal Horizon Fix (Horizontal Diffusion System). After blow drying, you grab a fistful of hair and spray the product directly onto your roots. It is absolutely fantastic – it creates instant volume. You must however remember to style post spray otherwise you may resemble a Yu-Gi-Oh -esque anime character.

The other product that I use that is absolutely fantastic, is Redken: Powder Grip 03. Once I have completed phase one with the Horizon Fix, I shake a little bit of the magical white powder down my part line and scratch it into my roots. It magics even more volume into my hair!! For the record, of course you can use these products independently of each other each giving its own fantastic volumising effects.

Next mission is to start doing other funky things with the hair, like curling, braiding and crimping

Big love for this Monday the start of MB Fashion Week Australia! Can’t wait to see the amazing collections being showcased from our very talented Aussie (and other) designers.

K xx



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