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Day 58 – is it a bird? is it a plane?

Today’s onedaydress look: Azuki olive dress with gold beading, Miss Shop from Myer long sleeve black tee, Sportsgirl Orange and Gold earrings, Forever New black stockings, Steve Madden tan flats

As Winter temperatures arrive with a vengeance, I had a Narnia like search through my wardrobe for my Winter coats. The cold seasons in my new town are MUCH MUCH colder than any Sydney winter I experienced and as such, last year I made my first purchase of a winter coat. He is a beautiful warm light grey wool coat from Shieke with silver buttons. He still needs a name but damn he is warm!! Did I mention warm? And then I went crazy and bought 6 more coats in end of season sales – The only one I regrettably missed out on was the Minty meets munt Fisherman coat in mustard… The moral of this story is in the mass spree I must have sleep-purchased a cape (either from Princess Polly or MarketHQ) I do not remember making the purchase, I do not remember receiving it in the mail, nor do I remember hanging it, but there it was in my wardrobe.

I wore it when A and I went to the zoo. He insisted it was a poncho and I argued that the simplest poncho, derived from Mexican and South American cultures, is a piece of material with a slit or hole cut for the head and no sleeves. I figured I could offer you a fash-ducation about the origins of, and differences between, poncho and cape.

To be continued…

K xx



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