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Day 65 – An opportunity presents itself

Today’s onedaydress look: Zara boyfriend leg jeans, Steve Madden Candence boots, Glassons mustard tee, H&M Nautical stripe 3/4 sleeve jacket, grey scarf from Lismore.

A friend raves about a certain op shop in Newcastle where corporate donations are made. On her most recent trip back home she bought a pair of black Rockport boots, Vera Wang coat and some cocktail dresses for less than $40.

Slip also loves op shops. When she lived in Newtown, she furnished her house with second hand furniture from Vinnies in North Sydney. When she moved to Brisbane, she found all “new” furniture in an op shop up there. It adds character – each piece of furniture has a story and you are contributing to that story.

Fashion blogger Hayley, has written about her adventures op shopping, the gems that she finds and the creative touch that she adds, or takes away from various pieces.

One friend thinks that my aversion to op shopping comes from being the eldest of 4 children and never having hand-me-downs. Let me first assure you that NOT all of my clothing was new. I have cousins who passed down clothes, friends’ parents passed down clothes and as I got older one of my favourite pastimes was getting first pickings as Rocky, Lena and Nicola cleaned out their cupboards. I don’t have a problem with wearing second hand clothes, IF I KNOW WHERE THE CLOTHES HAVE BEEN FIRST!

I do not like the smell of op shops and I never have. They all have the same moth ball smell and no amount of washing the garments gets rid of that. I would much rather walk into a store and not search for hours and hours to find that ONE item that is a) my size b) the right fit c) not previously worn by a drug addict as she lay dying in an alleyway. I love the smell of stores, I love that I can see what styles are available and select my size and I love the feeling of trying on freshly pressed, clean, never before worn items.

I’m not crazy. Last night my thoughts and feelings were echoed almost word for word by Liv. Op shopping is not for everyone, the same as garage sales. These are not places that my parents took me as a child. I don’t like trawling through other people’s rubbish. I applaud those of you who can do it, but it’s not for me. That said, I have no problem donating bags of my clothes to a good cause when I [occasionally] cull.

K xx



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