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Day 68 – The other guy

Today’s onedaydress look: Mink Pink khaki harem pants, Stellino 3/4 sleeve red/white striped tee, Cotton On red scarf, Refresh boots (Lucca, Italy)

A and I have very different personalities. While I love being surrounded by lots of friends and acquaintances and always meet new people, he is still friends with his group of high school friends (who I have adopted as my own) and 3 close mates from uni. He made acquantainces at work but they are career contacts not the life-long friends sort.

At college Camby and Jeff were buddies who had both come from Tamworth and Locky, from Armidale, became A’s besty. The 4 of them got up to lots of mischief, as boys do: building go-karts from trolleys and racing them around campus, throwing toast out of their windows at innocent people on the street below, filling people’s entire rooms with scrunched up newspapers and removing people’s bedroom doors as punishment for locking the door – this is only a micro glimpse at some of the trouble they caused.

Fast forward to 2010. We move to our new country town, into a beautiful 3 bedroom home. Locky pretty much takes over the spare room, in fact for a while it was known as Locky’s room even when other people were visiting. He lived in our pockets. I don’t have a problem with this. You see, there are some things that I won’t do for A – bush bashing, straight lining (standing at a point on the road, choosing a direction then running in a straight line), scheming and building houses (I’ve renovated once and hated it!!) just to name a few. Cue Locky, he provides A with the opportunity to do the things that I won’t. He is not a threat to my relationship and he makes A happy. He is the other guy in this relationship, who is very welcome to visit every few weeks steal A for a few hours at the pub or out on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere.

The reason for this story about their man love is that Locky made a comment about the hat that I chose to wear today, bless his bluntly honest soul. When I first showed it to him, he asked me if I was pregnant. Confused, because I’m certainly not ready to be a mum, I looked at my lil tummy wondered if I was looking pudgy? He explained that Bucket Hats are only for pregnant ladies and his mum to wear. I have not worn the hat in public yet. And I can assure you that even though I am wearing it today, I am not with child. Do you own a bucket hat? Have you worn it and not been pregnant? Where do you stand?

K xx



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