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Day 93 – In the jungle

Today’s onedaydress look: Calvin Klein top, Forever New scarf, Forever New jeans, Scooter tan boots

In my first year in this town, I held a Eurovision “Trash or Treasure” dress up party. In my one and only op shop transaction, I bought a cropped, 3/4 sleeve leopard print jacket – to dress up as EuroTrash (fyi). It cost me $4. Imagine my horror when last year I walked into Sydney stores like Bardot, Witchery, Sportsgirl etc and they were all carrying a similar item for between $175 and $195 more than I had paid!!!

In one of my first blogs this year I highlighted how much I detest animal print, so my jacket is waiting for another dress up party to smell the country air again.

Now, I know that animal prints are popular among fashionistas and Europeans alike, HOWEVER, when we went to Mudgee a couple of weekends ago I counted no less than 7 cropped leopard print jackets in a pub crowd of no more than 150 people…I don’t like them odds!!

K xx



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