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Day 97 – Gift-giving

Today’s onedaydress look: Mink Pink boogie nights jumper dress, Cotton On pink stockings, Steve Madden boots and Bow hair clip from Harajuku.

The bow clip is a treasured gift from a friend who travelled to Japan. The year before, a friend who went to Italy brought me back lanyards and an Italian flag. I have been thinking about the custom of returning from holidays with gifts for family, friends and colleagues because I am going away at the end of the year, on a school tour to Italy.

Now, I understand that when you are away, you miss the important people in your life. Little things remind you of them and of home so you buy them as gifts…I do get that. But colleagues? I have observed as people have come back from trips to Sydney and overseas with chocolates, and kitchy tchotchkas and have felt obliged to give gifts to their  head teachers and faculty members and teachers they sit near…I don’t get it. If you aren’t a family member or close friend, I’m not spending money on you.

Maybe I’m just selfish…in fact I am, always have been. I would just much rather spend my hard earned cash on myself, especially in Italy, a hub of European fashion!

K xx



3 thoughts on “Day 97 – Gift-giving

  1. im the same i would only buy close friends and family gifts no co -workers they rnt my good friends or best friends

    Posted by Rebecca | June 26, 2012, 8:27 pm
  2. Love the pink tights!
    And also loving your honesty on the gifting – who want to bring back a suitcase full of cheap gifts for people when it could be full of new clothes for yourself (and a few gifts for family).

    Posted by Philippa | June 27, 2012, 4:11 pm

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