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Day 100 – Halfway there

Today’s onedaydress look: Steve Madden Candence boots, Supre leggings, Miss Shop black tee, Glassons light grey cardi, tan scarf from Bologna markets

I wouldn’t have started this blog if I didn’t believe in myself to wear 200 different outfits. Some days getting out of bed is a challenge, especially with this cold, I have found myself planning a week’s worth of looks in advance. Otherwise I could easily stand in front of my wardrobe and complain that I have nothing to wear and jump back into the warmth of my doona!! The point is, with all my self-confidence, it is a nice surprise to find that I have come this far – mum and A keep giving me grief about the sheer number of clothes I have, to have made it this far, but I have selective hearing so I don’t hear all of it.

I got paid on Thursday and have already spent OVER HALF of it on the mortgage and other bills so I’m planning a little present for myself in each of the towns I visit over the next two weeks – gloves/hats/scarves/dresses etc – I don’t know that A will be so accepting of my rationale…….

Anyway, the holidays are here ladies and gentlemen. I will see you all fresh from this much-needed break in 2 weeks time!

In the meantime, please share this blog with your friends and follow my holiday adventures on twitter!!

Keep warm!

K xx



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