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Day 101 – Back to school again

Day 101Today’s onedaydress look: Zara striped shirt, Forever New jeans, Steve Madden Cablee boots, Grey scarf from Lismore.

There is only 1 thing I like more than a 2 week holiday –> a 6 week holiday. It’s probably for the best that I go back to work though, after a couple of crazy spending sprees I need to earn and save a bit more dosh!

I feel very rested, spent the holiday reading 50 shades of grey (skipped over the naughty bits cos S&M is not really my scene) and Across Many Mountains as well as catching up on TV shows I stopped watching years and years ago. I did a bit of travelling and fed a couple of lions, caught up with my little sister and some friends and did loads of shopping! Discovered a couple of new sites as well, which I will share with you in future posts.

After 1 day of school I am ready for another 2 weeks of the same. Unfortunately I am looking down the barrel of a 50 day gun (ok its not that bad, I love my work!). And I’m excited for another 50 days of non-repeat outfits!! Aren’t you??

K xx



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