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Day 103 – like a professional

Today’s onedaydress look: Grey knit dress from Glebe Markets, Forever New stockings, Steve Madden Candence boots, Bershka purple trench

Parent/Teacher night tonight. I wonder why it is that only the good kids’ parents ever come to these events.

Like my parents…overall I was a good egg. Some teachers thought I talked too much and that I could have applied myself more but I got through most parent/teacher interviews unscathed. I think my parents befriended that many teachers over my time (and my 2 younger sisters’ times at the school) that it was more of a catch up coffee date with the teachers they liked and our education was a secondary conversation.

How professionally are we expected to dress to these nights?

Over the years I have seen some wild combos by both parents and teachers…then you get the teachers who are clearly in their jobs to pay rent and buy cigarettes – that was one of my maths teachers in school. He rocked up in ripped trackies and a t-shirt reeking of cigarettes and alcohol, he spoke with his fist in front of his mouth the whole time as he mumbled and didn’t remember who ANY of his students were – he was lost if they hadn’t brought their reports to the night!!
How about the English teacher with excessive lipstick, kohl and blush whose orange lips contrasted with the midnight blue hair!!

Some people scrub up nicely. I love seeing the PE teachers, and other teachers who usually have a really casual look, dressed up in suits and casual jackets.

K xx



2 thoughts on “Day 103 – like a professional

  1. maths teacher…. the one that also smelt like off cheese?

    Posted by j | July 25, 2012, 7:50 pm

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