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Day 107 – A shoulder to cry on

Today’s onedaydress look: Glassons mustard coat, Glassons maroon dress, Stellino jumper, Forever New stockings, Steve Madden boots, purple scarf from Tanzania

Last night my friend Mel dropped around. She has been out of the country for the last couple of months, just quit her job and went to Hawaii! I wish I could just disappear for a few months like that (without quitting my job) to somewhere exotic – the Bahamas, Bora Bora, Fiji…I won’t discriminate anywhere with sand and crystal blue/green water would do. Maybe it’s just the winter weather, I don’t deal with the cold very well.

According to my sweet boy A, apparently country people do that, they stop by without calling first. It was so welcome though, I talked for most of the couple of hours she was over even cried a couple of times and she was a fantastic shoulder to cry on.

On a happy note – did I tell you I saved $85 on the jacket I’m wearing today when I bought it on the weekend? I tweeted that I was at Glassons at Kotara and they were having a massive closing down sale. I got this mustard jacket (I fell in love with a Minty meets Munt fisherman jacket last year but they ran out of my size before I could buy one!!!) down from $100 – $15. SERIOUSLY.  Random fact: The first record of the word maroon in English was in 1789.

K xx



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