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Day 119 – shorts and stockings??

Today’s onedaydress look: Payless booties, Sportsgirl snowflake stockings, Motel Rocks lemon high waisted shorts (from Market HQ), Bardot navy tee, Kuto berry long cardi (from Glebe Markets)

I have made my feelings on shorts and stockings very loudly known. Maybe it’s just trashy denim shorts with black stockings that I dislike? No I’m sure it’s all combinations, any which way – I don’t mind stockings and skirts, but if it is too cold to wear shorts, wear pants.

When I went to Newcastle a few weeks ago, Sara (who is an avid shorts and stockings wearer) might have convinced me to give it another go. And so here we are. I am loving yellows and browns at the moment and I think the clothes work well together. BUUUUUT I’m not totally sold on the shorts and stockings concept. That said, I don’t feel the same disdain for the combination as I did this morning…

Your thoughts on combining are welcomed

K xx



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