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Day 120 – A glimpse into future fashions

Today’s onedaydress look: (new) Novo boots, Dotti jeans, Stellino bird print jumper, Myer skinny blue belt

Who isn’t excited at the thought of up and coming designers? Each itching to leave their own artistic mark on modern fashion. This passion in young is cultivated and developed in young wannabes all around the country at school level.

My experience with textiles at school didn’t go so well. We will call it the tie dye debacle.
The brief: Design, sew and dye a t-shirt
The checklist:
Pattern [check]
Cut material [not perfect, but check]
Dye material [check]
Sew seams [wait, i don’t have holes for my arms…??? MUM HELP!!!]
Overlock [check]
Wear to fashion parade [check]

You see, the seamstress in me is not strong and I somehow managed to sew the sleeves together. This was followed by an afternoon watching mum unpick and re-sew my sleeves properly. Fortunately she came to the rescue in time for the fashion parade.

At my current school major works are celebrated, exhibited and performed. Tonight I will have the pleasure of attending the Textiles evening where final year students show off the pieces that they have created after a year of hard work. I am very excited and proud to see the creations of one of my Italian students. For this piece, students need to select an inspiration and use a variety of innovative techniques in their works. Keep your eye on this space, we might have the next Vera Wang or Alex Perry walking amongst us tonight!

K xx



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