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Day 122 – a sad thought

Today’s onedaydress look: Redberry khaki pants (from Glebe markets), Mink Pink striped tank, Miss Shop by Myer long sleeved top, Refresh boots

Sadly, what my town lacks in culture, it makes up for in pubs. Case in point, last November a group of us (with an average age of 29) went to an exhibition opening at a small gallery, which has since closed down. The average attendee was from the upper echelons of society and had an average age of late 40s. When I was in Sydney, there was culture everywhere you walk, free entry into museums, street performers and local theatre performances.

When I heard that the Opera was coming to town I can’t tell you how thrilled I was, especially the news that my friend was performing!! I went to my first Opera last year with a group of students. We got dressed up, as one does, to attend a performance at Sydney Opera House. That doesn’t happen here. The dressing up part I mean. Aside from the fact the A and my combined age (52) was younger than any single audience member, we were also the most dressed up people there.

K xx



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