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Day 124 – positively reinforced

Today’s onedaydress look: Miss Shop by Myer electric blue top, Staple the label pants, black scarf from Bologna markets, Portmans ankle boots, top hat and glove earrings

You know how when you pour your heart into something it’s nice to get a bit of positive feedback? Today that happened to me, the delivery took me completely by surprise but it gave me the energy to get through an otherwise cruddy afternoon.

I had to discipline a student today for throwing a bottle of milk at someone and then running away from me and making me chase him around the school, then denying he had any part in the whole thing.

So I went to advise a teacher about this and the teacher launched into a spiel about how he’s been meaning to tell me for ages that it’s lovely to see someone so young and passionate about what they are doing. He said he has spoken to a number of students who want to study Italian next year because learning from me about something I love so much would be a great experience. He also reminded me that when we are trying to build something (ie the presence of Languages in a school) we may get knocked back, and our ideas shut down but we have to be creative in the way we approach the paper pushers so that we make them see our perspective.

Positive reinforcements are such powerful things and so under-used!!

K xx



One thought on “Day 124 – positively reinforced

  1. Positive reinforcement is so powerful and so under utilised! This story made me smile too, glad it got you through the afternoon last week 🙂 TFC xx

    Posted by thefirstcasualty | August 20, 2012, 9:08 pm

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