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Day 129 – the Thursday shvitz

Today’s onedaydress look: Steve Madden Kingdom flats, Zara boyfriend jeans, Glassons red/white top, Nasty Gal ruched chambray blazer

Spoiler alert: this is not a fashion related story. It is however related to my mobile phone service provider and everyone likes to shake their head at their silliness once in a while.

I am with Optus (and so the saga begins). For the last month, my battery has not been lasting. How frustrating. I can pretty much get an hour on standby if my data mode is deactivated, but considering I use my phone for accessing email, facebook and twitter this is less than ideal. So help me if anyone calls – my phone either has a heart attack before I can answer the call or the network disappears midway through the call cutting me off, followed by the phone going kaput.

I took myself into the Optus store in town to get some help. I explained what had been happening with my phone and the two full time employees pawned me off to the trainee (on his 2nd day). As he was “helping me” the male employee asked to see my phone. He played with the settings and took the battery out to inspect. “ooh look at this, that’s not good. Female employee, come and have a feel of the battery” As I looked on. Fuming I asked what the problem was, only to be told that my battery appeared to have exploded, followed by “Have you taken it near water?”

Those of you who know me, would know of my deep appreciation for sarcasm, even if you don’t know me you can probably hear tones of it creeping through this post. I replied that I often took my phone into the shower with me, but i have it in a dock so I don’t get electrocuted. NO I DON’T TAKE MY PHONE IN THE BATHROOM!!!! He asked if maybe I take it in there when I go to the loo? I informed him of my preference for an old school newspaper for my morning toilet read but said he looked like someone who probably used an iPad2 for that purpose. (Correct) There are no cracks in the phone, and no way that the battery could have been water affected.

He explained my options: I could either replace the SIM, or send the phone away to be examined.

I’m sure you can appreciate that I was less than impressed. “Now, I’m no maths genius, but I know that 1 + 1 = 2, right? (yes) So can you explain to me how exploded battery + reduced battery life = new sim card, because to me one doesn’t equate to the other” He again repeated the 2 options that I would have. Poor trainee had no idea what to do and stood there awkwardly the whole time.

Sadly, the male employee is the son of the owner, so his laziness will never be addressed because in the owner’s eyes his son is perfection. I know this because the female employee had a bitch to me about him yesterday. (?????????????????????????????????????????)

Luckily I have since spoken to a customer service rep who organised for me to buy a new battery and have the amount credited back to my account.

Thanks for listening

K xx



One thought on “Day 129 – the Thursday shvitz

  1. Hilarious!

    Posted by Kez | September 10, 2012, 3:57 pm

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