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Day 130 – the Friday glitch

Today’s onedaydress look: Kuto jacket, Glassons dress, Forever New stockings, Steve Madden boots

Today has been one of the most horrible days ever!! My year 12 students have their HSC (matriculation) speaking exam tomorrow. Basically, an external examiner will come to our school *yes on a Saturday* and run a 5 minute conversation in Italian with each of them.

Are they prepared? I hope so. I have taken every step to ensure that they have learnt and practised the content.

Are they ready? Well, this is open to interpretation. I asked one of my boys a question typical of the exam: “What type of person are you?” His reply in 3 words “kind and boring”. Uh oh!!! We thought about the point of the exam, to be able to converse in Italian, which means giving more than 3 word responses. I think we finally understand the point. After a long drawn out process he is going to say “kind and sporty, in fact I love swimming….etc”

Are they going to do well? Only time will tell!!

Me, I’m going to go soothe my nerves at the watering hole

K xx



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