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Day 133 – learn to drive

Today’s onedaydress look: Steve Madden Moto boots, Supre leggings, jumper from Glebe markets, scarf from Bologna markets

I am an aggressive driver. I was on my L’s (or learner’s permit) for 8 years before I progressed. I lived in an area with 2 buslines and a train line in Sydney – it made life very convenient. I didn’t have to sit in traffic, I didn’t have to pay [what was at the time] expensive petrol and I didn’t have to maintain a car. When I moved to the country, A informed me of his rule of thumb – if you can’t park outside the shop, then you come back later – personally I feel this is extreme and ridiculous, then you live in a place like this for a while and you notice it is true (AND ABSURD!!!). So, people out here don’t like to walk. It’s either too hot or too cold, so we drive everywhere. I had to get my licence or face the extreme weather! I had lessons to polish my technique before going to the RTA for the dreaded driving test. My first instructor was an older man who told me that I should have started braking 300m before the corner for a turn, AND before entering a round-a-bout. I am an extremely aggressive city driver (go figure…8 years of occasional lessons on Sydney roads) to.

The problem that I encounter on a daily basis is the round-a-bout. People here take for granted the wider than city lanes and if there are 2 lanes going around it means more space for them. Today on my way to the beautician I nearly got taken out by a mummy van. She was on the inside lane turning right and I was in the outside lane going straight. As I was almost alongside her, she pulled into my lane (because we need to go left to manoeuvre right………….) and as I beeped her, she flipped me the bird.

I’m sick of it

K xx



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