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Day 144 – Sick day

I just want to make a brief comment about the apparel selection of people when travelling.

I buy items because they are aesthetically attractive enough to pick up and try on (10%) and for their comfort factor (90%). This applies to even my Tony Bianco’s and Steve Madden’s.

I had the pleasure of observing a young businessman at the airport recently. I was wearing my fave travel pants, a scoop neck tee and a cardigan. I get travel sick so I wear loose clothing and it helps. This young man was wearing an


I felt the symptoms of travel sickness before we even boarded.

I also overheard him talking about how well he is going at work, how his time is worth $x per 10 minute block (I do wonder what he does…) and I was tempted to approach him at that point and offer styling advice for free, but my head was in the toilet bowl just thinking about the suit!

K xx



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