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Day 145 – Punctuality not required

Today’s onedaydress look: green dress shirt from Belle Armoire – Orange, leggings stolen from sister (bought in Melbourne), black leather belt + silver heart buckle stolen from mum, necklace from Perugia, bangles from Cinque Terre, Italy

I was greeted at the Italian teachers’ conference this morning by “Kate, why are you on time?? Don’t you know it’s an ITALIAN teachers’ conference??”

I’m just punctual. I think because one of my parents was always late…always. late to drop us at school, late to pick us up (if he remembered us at all……..) and I learned very quickly that as a latie, people stop waiting for you!!

After the AFMLTA conference in Darwin last July, I started to use Language Perfect and I love it. It is a New Zealand based company whose online vocabulary learning tool is perfect in this tech age, making learning language more appealing to students.Earlier in the year when they asked me to advocate for them it was an EASY PEASY decision to represent the product.

I was sent to the conference today to represent Language Perfect. I decided that it would be fun to have a novelty item that I could use to break the ice with people. I came up with the IO ❤ LP (I love LP in italian) sign as a fun way to introduce myself to people. It worked fantastically! There were only 60 people there and I think I chatted with most of them. What a great day! I love my job!

K xx



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