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Day 146 – Shana Tova

Today is Jewish New Year, so no school for me. Shana tova to all the Jewish followers!

Yesterday I had the most spectacular day. I had intended to head into the city, but after the riots on Saturday, I had a bit of a rethink. By chance I saw a sign for Sydney Style Markets, and who am I to refuse a good market??

I had the pleasure of meeting Shelley from Vine Apparel, a recent start up. She has worked in fashion for a few years and has started this company on her own. She stocks pieces that are to her taste, which she admits can be a bit different. That said, there was not 1 item on her racks that I would not have bought. As a sweetener, there is nothing over $59!!

She currently has a facebook page and is looking into opening and online store. Shelley is a gem and provides the highest level of personal service. Please support her by checking out her facebook and visiting her at markets (mostly Northern beaches).

As for the rest of the day, I want to just do a massive shout out to the café culture of Sydney, which I miss terribly in my town! First to Belli Bar on Norton St. The ladies there took such good care of me, filling my belly with deliciously smooth lattès and a delicious vegetarian breakfast. Next, to my FAAAAAAAAVE baristas, the boys at Mezzapica – who treat me like an old friend when I sporadically darken their doorway.

Finally, to my old mate the Sun, who shone all afternoon, allowing me to tan my little white legs back to a shade of tan!

– Only in Sydney 🙂

K xx



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