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Day 154 – Colourific

Today’s onedaydress look: Stellino white knit jumper, Angel Biba geometric navy/white midi skirt, Bardot navy tee, Steve Madden Candence boots

Some people colour their hair to hide greys, some for fun, some for the shock of it or a new look to get them out of a funk. I once put blonde streaks in my hair and coloured them with a Pink by FUDGE. Why? No other reason than pink was (and is) my favourite colour and the change allowed me to express myself in a slightly different way…oh and it looked trés cool.

One of my friends used to live on the coast. She has lovely long dark brown hair and that is the only way I have ever known her to look. She invited me round for dinner a couple of months ago and there were photos in her house, but at a glance, none of them seemed to be her. We were talking about how sharing a house with a boyfriend means that slowly your friends pics are replace of snaps of the two of you having adventures, being silly or romantic. It was gnawing at me so I asked her who the girls in her photos were. She laughed because, of course, it was her. She looked Barbie blonde and completely different. She is very lucky though, because her olive complexion means that she can get away with blonde hair without looking tacky.

Some people choose colours that just don’t work, even if we are talking a shade of brown or blonde. If it doesn’t suit them, should you speak up? Why also, do people feel the need to say it looks awesome when it doesn’t? If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing!!!!! Don’t be fake.

That is all. K xx



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