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Day 155 – when it rains…

Today’s onedaydress look: Refresh ankle boots, Forever New black stockings, Zara dalmations skirt, Stellino black tie front shirt

The last couple of days here, the weather has been quite miserable.

Personally, I don’t use umbrellas. In torrential rain, if they stay popped out the right direction, they don’t do much to prevent a solid drenching. And don’t judge, but when it’s sprinkling, I feel like the special people who were once a part of my life but have left this world are surrounding me.

Have you ever noticed that people seem oblivious to their surroundings from inside their umbr-ubble? Not all, but many people fling their umbrellas around with complete disregard for other pedestrians who are also trying to stay dry.

Have you ever been poked in the eye as an umbrella wielding demon comes steam-rolling through a crowd?

Have you ever been soaked through by a stream of water as someone twirls their umbrella like a wet dog as you wait for the traffic lights to change?

You have been a victim of BAD UMBRELLA ETIQUETTE.

You all know I love people watching. As I saw each of these situations occur, I wondered if there was a set of rules governing the use of umbrellas. Well of course there are. Many newspapers have featured articles on such a thing. The BrisbaneTimes explains the socially acceptable treatment of umbrellas, other umbrella users and gets down to the nitty gritty shaking off excess water.

How do people decide that this is what they are going to do with their lives? What’s next? A Masters in Umbrellology? or Umbrology? If you are looking for such careerĀ advice, perhaps the person to follow up with is Rod Parnell, Umbrella Guru.

I have also been reading about an environmentally conscious umbrellas. Everyone knows of (and probably owns) a cheap Chinese umbrella, that is useless when it starts to REALLY rain…I’m talking about European silk, cotton and cane umbrellas. One particular designer is concerned that noone is willing to learn her craft, and people are happy to settle for cheap, crappy quality umbrellas that all end up in land fills.

So I encourage you (especially if you are a person who straightens your unruly hair) to think about investing wisely in a hand crafted umbrella, beware of your impact on the environment and be kind on the streets in your little bubble.

K xx



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