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Day 160 – Public displays of embarassment

Today’s onedaydress look: Ladakh butterfly print skirt, Stellino shirt, Scooter pink peep toes, Sportsgirl feather earrings

We have all done it, the topple over in a pair of heels. Yesterday our poor Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, was heading to a media conference in India and as she crossed the grass she fell face first into the grass. She smiled like it was no big deal…lucky for those of us at home the cameras captured every embarassing second of the fall. Did anyone else notice how awkward her arms were?? (You only have to watch the first 5-10 seconds)

For a fun Friday story telling sesh, let’s share stories of shoe malfunctions, faceplants and other embarassing falls.

I’ll start. Last year in a dance class, I was holding onto the bar behind my back as I leaned forward to stretch my shoulders. As I stretched forward, I overbalanced, my feet slipped out from underneath me and I faceplanted, landing on my nose and cracking one of my front teeth!! Ouch.

I also have shocking ankles from years of netball. I am forever rolling my ankles when I’m in flats but it is worse in heels. On a sober night out, I was once escorted from a bar because of such an ankle roll!! The burly security man had obviously never tried to walk in 14cm heels!

One horrible story, which I remember giggling at at the time, occured when I was in year 4. We had an AWFUL woman teaching the class while our regular teacher was on leave. She was on playground duty one day and accidentally stepped in a drain, got her heel caught and as she yanked her foot up the heel broke off!! Totally deserved…

Your turn!

K xx



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