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Day 162 – it’s all talk

Today’s onedaydress look: Sportsgirl tulle skirt, Somedays Lovin’ tank, BCBG black pumps, Dotti denim jacket, Tiffany & Co. Heart necklace

I believe there is a human obsession with knowing other people’s business. That is why there exists an entire industry dedicated to bringing the stories of the rich and famous to everyday plebs, like us.

Even though I have partaken in a few good gossip sessions, I have rules. I don’t bitch about my friends and I don’t care to waste my time talking about people I dislike or don’t know. It is for this reason that I have at times felt almost violated knowing that my life is being discussed by people I barely know.

When I was in high school, I commented that the new pinafore made a particular girl “look pregnant”. The rumour mill did its thing and before you knew it she was threatening to punch me for spreading around that she “was pregnant”. That was never going to happen again.

I once worked at a school where gossip was as precious as gold. On my first day, I became fast friends with a colleague. I was manipulated into attending a dinner to find out what dirt I had on my friend. Like I’ve said, I don’t buy into negative gossiping and this whole scenario led me to lose all respect for and distance myself personally and professionally from this manipulative gossip.

When I go to Melbourne, on the rare occasion that it happens, I go to visit my friends. The real people with whom I have real conversations. I want to get philosophical, I want to talk rubbish, I don’t want to gossip about which cousin did what yesterday or who had an affair or who got fat in their teens. I feel this way partially because I don’t know the people AND
especially when they are only interested in seeing me to get
my latest news and spread it as gossip faster than one can blink.

K xx



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