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Day 163 – scaredy cat

Today’s onedaydress look: Stellino dress, Forever 21 white military jacket, white heels from Rimini, Italy

I’ve only ever been to two Hallowe’en parties.

My first time was while I was on exchange in Italy in 2006. My American buddies – Mallory, Camille and Julie – threw a party. Lucky Italian children get dressed up and go trick or treating so there were plenty of decorations available and we had a real American experience!

The second party I went to was a rager in Surry HIlls. I went as a vampire nurse and felt severely underdressed compared to the fabulous hostess. Memorably, someone who came as a robot de-robed and left their costume to my friend who, shamefully, had rocked up in jeans and a tee. We all had a go trying this costume on. It was legendary!

Hallowe’en was never celebrated in Australia as I grew up. Who can say no to an opportunity to get dressed up though – so this weekend A and I are heading to a party. Last night A and I trawled the internet looking for potential costume ideas for him. I reckon he would make a perfect Shaggy (and I will buy him a Scooby toy to match) He has the hair, the shirt, the pants….BUT NOOOOOOOOOO he wants to make it difficult and is currently trying to figure out how to make a lego head so he can go as a lego man (admitedly this would be really cool if he can pull it off…)

K xx



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