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Day 171 – Derby Day

Today’s onedaydress look: Claude D’alban blue ruffle dress, Glamour Puss Chelsy blue satin heels, bangles from Melbourne – Italy – Israel

The local Derby Day races are very different to what I grew up accustomed to at Randwick. Being a teacher, it’s safest to be hidden away from the children in a marquee. This year some friends of ours sold tickets to a marquee, so it was an easy choice. Of course it didn’t stop me seeing a number of students on the walk up to find the tent, but it was nice to see that they had all gone to an effort to dress really well.

Traditionally, one wears black and white to Derby day right?? I had this idea to dress in a flash of colour so I was looking at photos from last year for inspiration and noticed that plenty of people went against the grain, opting for blocks of colours rather than just black and white. I believe that one of the most exciting elements of style and fashion is the rebellion against the trends. For this reason I chose to wear a maroon Tokito halter dress and a fascinator bought at the Brisbane young designers’ markets with Pinet strappy heels.

I had the best day – dancing and singing “Cielito Lindo” with a Mariachi band, winning $21 from a $2 bet chosen purely because the jockey was wearing pink and just relaxing and spending the day in the sun with great people. I also entered Fashions on the Field. I knew I didn’t stand a chance because I wasn’t in black and white, but the clincher that gave it away was the Myer judge gave me the old once over as I was filling in the entry form – her face was full of negativity and botox. You could tell she was unimpressed but to be honest, I didn’t rate her outfit either.

another amazing fascinator!

I’m definately a fascinator girl rather than a hat fan. I think its the fact that I have really fine hair, and not much of it, so when it disappears under a hat I feel bald. Over the years I have built up a collection of stunning fascinators. When I was in Melbourne, I took a sneaky photo of one of my favourites. It’s a chocolate box – I know the quality of photo isn’t amazing, but I hope you can appreciate it all the same. Unfortunately because of its $400 + price tag, it stayed in the shop window.

I have also added some photos of some of the more colourful race day apparel for your enjoyment. As you all know I’m pretty judgemental. On these images, I’m not going to say a word, just that I thought I would let you see for yourself just how different the dress standards are at country races from somewhere like Randwick or Flemington. Feel free to leave comments.

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K xx



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