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Day 175 – so much foooooood

Today’s onedaydress look: Coral shirt dress from Vine Apparel, Steve Madden cognac flats

Today I want to share with you the joy and excitement of my job. I teach a group of 7 students in year 9 (14-15 year olds). The two “Italian” restaurants here are sadly Italian only by title. Not much on their menus is authentic – its a sad state.

A couple of weeks ago the French teacher invited my year 9 class to a French breakfast with her 3 students. So we drank hot chocolate from bowls and ate brioche and baguette giving our students a lovely authentic French breakfast experience. We taught them vocabulary associated with the meal and it was a lovely opportunity for the students to discover rituals from the other side of the globe.

Today I returned the favour. We held a sit down 3 course lunch where the students were offered dishes that the “Italian” restaurants in town probably couldn’t even translate. Each of the dishes has a special memory attached to it – like the time in Rimini where we cooked an Aussie BBQ and the Italians returned the favour with Fettuccine alla carbonara the following night. How about when I went out to lunch with my friends Ale and Danilo to the Trastevere in Rome after traipsing around to find new Havaianas and tried cacio e pepe for the first time. Or in Milan, Susanna and I were starving upon arrival, we sat down at this darling Trattoria off Corso Buenos Aires, ate gnocco fritto and Gnocchi piccantini allo zafferano, loved it so much we went back the next day. My dishes were made with passion and love and I even got requests to be someone’s personal chef (in my free time). I love being able to share my addiction to Italian with anyone who will listen, even if it is through their belly. You can’t buy this kind of learning!

Happy weekend

K xx



One thought on “Day 175 – so much foooooood

  1. Love the story that goes with Day 175… Learning through experience rather than via books. 🙂

    Posted by Emma Howchin | Ivy Lillis | November 11, 2012, 12:34 pm

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